Get Close to History
On Chestnut strives to honor the history of Cambria City through collecting and exhibiting practices. Visitors can view a set of Gothic stations of the cross from the Immaculate Conception Church of the Blessed Virgin. The horse-hair plaster stations are presented as they were discovered, showing evidence of last century’s two floods and in various states of disrepair. They are on loan from a personal collection please Contact us for more information and to view the stations.

Wednesdays at Weezie’s
Weezie raised a family in the house On Chestnut, forging kinships with with her neighbors that lasted all her life. When COVID restrictions end and weather permits, we plan to gather in her name, around stories from long term residents of Cambria City. On Chestnut imagines meeting with residents for potlucks and garden parties, structured around storytelling and other creative activities. Send us an email and we will keep you updated on Wednesdays at Weezie’s.

Archival Services
On Chestnut values and seeks to preserve the history of Cambria City. We offer archival assessment and exhibition opportunities for residents wishing to preserve, exhibit or digitize their collections. Please contact Lynne at 717.951.2645 for more information.